about Hathor Investment Group

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+ About Our Company


HATHOR is a private investment and investment management company

focused on hospitality and aspirational lifestyle products and services for the rapidly growing middle and upper-middle class consumers throughout ASEAN community with a current focus on whisky, cigars and related lifestyle aspirations. Hathor strives to create value by managing investments in lifestyle categories poised to meet the expanding desires of the rapidly growing middle and upper-middle class consumers throughout the region.

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+ Our Past, Our Provinance

Our History

Hathor began with a prestigious but small members-only VIP club, before successfully developing a popular high-end whisky and cigar lounge franchise under the name of Whisgars™. In addition to several Whisgars™, Hathor invested in, owns and operates CRAFT (Craft Beer House), a glamorous Baroque styled Belle's Room, and a cool -13° ice bar, with more in development. Whisgars™ currently leads the top nightlife attraction in Bangkok on TripAdvisor, and Hathor also boasts many other honors such as one of the top five best gentlemen's bars in Bangkok by LifestyleAsia.

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+ Strength in the People


With a strong management team behind it, Hathor builds its portfolio on entrepreneurial people and their ideas.

We help these entrepreneurs turn their possibilities into reality. The solid typography of the HATHOR name represents the firm foundation that the company provides. We are entrepreneurs with financial & operational skills and we know how to sell and drive revenue. We get a kick from helping businesses create new revenue streams and reach new levels of financial returns.

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+ Going Forward


We invest in lifestyle oriented companies and the technologies

to help run and manage lifestyle businesses. While the word “lifestyle” tends to be overused these days, it epitomizes everything that we strive for: products and services that are not only available on demand, but that are integrated in a person’s life – on a daily basis. We nurture habits and we provide platforms around them. Our products and services are designed to make every day life even more amazing.